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Family Recovery Everyone Everywhere

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My support day is working in partnership with Liber8 to deliver the service FREE- Family Recovery Everyone Everywhere. This service is commissioned by the South Lanarkshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership ADP and NHS to deliver a whole-family approach covering all localities of South Lanarkshire.

We aim to provide a Family Inclusive Approach when supporting families who are affected by someone else’s substance use.
FREE – will ensure families have access to support throughout their time of need, ensuring family voices are heard and respected when trying to support their loved ones.

Services we provide:

Outreach Family Support Worker:
• Providing one-to-one support to family members within their home or local community.
• Delivering a person-centered service, ensuring that we adapt to the family’s needs, not the family adapting to the service needs.
• Reducing isolation
• Building self-esteem and confidence to allow family members to engage in peer-led support groups.
Family Liaison Worker:
• Working with both families and agencies providing information and sharing concerns between parties
• Work in partnership with services to gather information on pathways, and protocols, provide accessibility criteria, and information on processes involved and where appropriate points of contact for family members.
• Work with families to ensure they have the information they require to understand and where appropriate their loved one’s consent to be involved in the process.
One to One Counselling service is provided by our fully qualified psychotherapist. 
This service can help by; 
• Offering emotional support
• Changing patterns of thoughts and behaviours
• Finding strategies and techniques to manage difficulties.
• Promote self-empowerment.
Relational Counselling service is provided by our fully qualified psychotherapist.
This service can help couples or family members by;
• Changing views of the relationship
• Improving communication
• Changing dysfunctional behaviour
• Promoting strengths

Bereavement Support will be structured support with fully qualified psychotherapists and psychologists.

Referral Pathways

Contact us on:

Are you affected by someone else’s substance use?
If you would like more information regarding any of our services, you can contact via:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01698 673 012

Facebook: My Support Day

Or find us at:
Room 4
Hamilton Accies Business Centre
5 Cadzow Avenue

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